What is the BID?

The St Austell Business Improvement District (BID) is a not-for-profit company set up to improve the trading environment of St Austell town center. Articles of Association, Operating agreement and BID Regulations are available to view at the BID office.

BID area map


Where Does the Money Come From?

Every business with a rateable value of £5,000 and over, situated within the BID boundary (see map above) pay a 2% levy on their business rates.

What are the Benefits of Joining the BID?

  • Increase footfall both real and virtual in St Austell. This can be achieved through running a programme of exciting events and promoting the town as a lively and ‘Green’ shopper/visitor experience.
  • Use the latest technology to invite the world to St Austell and promote sales opportunities to new markets ie:  This website and Social Media
  • Improve physical links between the town center and the surrounding world class attractions.
  • Reduce business costs and the carbon footprint through collaborative marketing initiatives and joint purchasing schemes.
  • Deliver services that you really want or need that statutory bodies are not obliged to provide.
  • Give you greater involvement in St Austell with a ‘voice’ and a stake in the BID Programme.

Is Joining the BID Mandatory?

YES, if you have a rateable value of over £5,000 and are within the BID boundary.

What if My Business is Under the Threshold or Outside the Boundary, Can We Still Contribute?

YES, you can become a voluntary levy payer by contacting the BID Manager Annette Miller on 01726 467498 or 07794 910858 or complete this form expressing your interest

Tourist Information Center, St. Austell Brewery, White River Place, Bay Gifts, Bits & PCs are just a few of our voluntary levy payers.