The St Austell Bay Chamber of Commerce has worked closely with the BID board for the past few years to great effect. The work of the BID has provided the town centre with the pride, security and events which customers want. The renewal of the BID for another five years will allow the team to build on their good work and help keep the town at the heart of our community.
St. Austell Bay Chamber of Commerce

St Austell BID has really helped raise the profile of our town and I believe has invested its modest resources in the things that matter.  I have noticed a change in attitude towards the town with more of my customers commenting on how attractive it has become making it an ideal place to live, work and visit.  That can only be good news for all of us’
Mark Lewis, Lewis Estate Agents

My business is on the edge of the St Austell BID boundary so whilst I don’t necessarily benefit from all the events or initiatives cantered around the town center, I fully support the work that St Austell BID does. I’m passionate about improving our town and since the BID came in, the profile of St Austell is much better which is great for business overall
Giles Bingly, Wills Bingley

I am involved in the running of 3  independent businesses on the outskirts of St Austell Town. The effects of having a BID in St Austell are definitely apparent, extended Christmas lights, hanging baskets and security are just some of the things BID has put into place of which I am fully aware wouldn’t be there if BID wasn’t operating. I am a keen supporter of BID and I voluntarily contribute on 2 businesses which fall outside of the Levy. The BID managed shopper loyalty card scheme is well received with my local customers, a fantastic BID initiative to help strengthen the shop local ethos. Considering all that BID manage and the events they put on and support, I think the Levy is excellent value for money!
Dale Lovatt, Giant Fancy Dress, Trinity Street

St. Austell BID is working closely with the Police, Councils and other agencies in order to combat the anti social behaviour that intimidates our customers causing a major downturn in business.  As a result of Annette Miller’s tireless energy, our town now has private security guards, employed by the BID, that patrol our town. We also have great events like the Banger Rally and Man Engine attracting nearly 10,000 people, beautiful hanging baskets and colourful bunting, all due to the BID. Annette has established good working relationships across the town, identifies issues and acts upon them’
Sara Gibbson, Seven Stars

As a new manager at Wetherspoons in St Austell I have recently signed up to be a Director on the Board.  I am enthusiastic by the projects that have been delivered so far and the potential to do more over the next five years; it is clear that we need to up the ante with tackling anti-social behaviour.  I am looking forward to being part of the action.

Without St Austell BID, we wouldn’t have hanging baskets in our town, any Christmas lights, events or promotional campaigns.  Who would fly the flag for St Austell?  Losing the BID would mean less customers and less sales. That would be really detrimental to all our businesses. I will definitely be voting yes for a second term
Ameena Williams, The White Hart Hotel

St Austell Voice welcomes initiatives that see traders and other organisations  in the St Austell working together to improve the town, drive footfall and make it a more attractive place to visit.  If the BID can achieve that through delivering good projects and service, then we believe it warrants our support
Andrew Laming, Managing Director, St Austell Voice

I pay voluntarily into the BID – the benefits far exceed the £120 I contribute. The BID provides hanging baskets, Christmas lights, entertainment programme, listing on the St Austell app, a loyalty card scheme, private security guards, a subsidised storenet radio scheme and extra street cleaning. Many of these services are worth the levy fee on their own. Businesses have to realise that all this would stop if we didn’t have the BID’
Hayley Newton, Bits & PCs, Trinity Street

Businesses in St Austell could always benefit from more customers but I genuinely believe that St Austell BID is playing a key role in encouraging footfall into the town.  Without the BID, our trading prospects would be much worse. If we are honest, most good initiatives designed to promote and improve our town would fold
Shane Binding, Lex Designs

Supporting local business is very important to the local community and future development of the town. BIDS have improved the town and given a huge amount of time and support to its business without this the town would fail to improve or develop any further.
Annette Smith, Liddicoat lettings

As a levy payer, the BID supports businesses by bringing unity, influence and crucial funding to improve our Town’s appearance, provide security and events. By working together we can build on the many successes we have achieved over the last five years.  I strongly urge all businesses to support our BID team as together we can build a brighter and better future for St Austell.
Café Tengo, Fore Street

The Christmas lights look great and make a big difference to how welcoming St Austell is to shoppers in December.  Without the lights, there would be a lack luster Christmas which would translate into poor sales

White River Place has been proud to play a key role in the first term of St Austell BID, being active members of the BID board and engaging in the delivery of the main objectives.  Once established the BID has delivered continual betterment on the projects it has embarked upon, in everything from planting, events, marketing and security.  We are without doubt supportive of the BID, its ‘team’ and the BID Manager to continue forward into a second term.  At the same time we remain committed to the contribution we make not only financially but in delivery and support with the White River Place Team’

‘For the town a ‘YES’ vote is the only real option, this really is about ‘local businesses supporting each other supporting the town’
Richard Hurst – Centre Manager White River Place and BID Board member.

As a new Director of St Austell BID concedes that it is a journey and there is much more to do which can only be achieved by working together, “You won’t change anything over night but what the BID has done so far is to invest its modest resources in the things that will drive footfall into the town which every trader needs. It has also fostered productive relationships with other stakeholders in St Austell to deliver projects on the ground. The BID is a force for good in the town.”
Jenny Yelling, Manager of Boots

The BID has been great for our business. The town promotion project alone has brought in new customers and I am really impressed with the way the town is looking I really like what the BID has done about additional security. Without the BID, we wouldn’t have a business led organisation that is forward thinking and specifically looking after our interests; I believe that would be detrimental both to the town and my business. In fact without the BID my business would have had to relocate 18 months ago.
Rachael Hunt, Sew & Fabric 

The St Austell BID has been very effective in making improvements to the appearance of the town; these have been agreed and driven by the business community.  Cleaner streets and the wonderful flowers in the Summer have all contributed to increased footfall. By working together we can make St Austell an even better destination.
Tim Atkins, Partner Stephens Scown LLP